A Unity library for tweening and animating your game objects and user interface elements.

  • Apply easing and delays
  • Easily sequence multiple tweens
  • Simple and powerful API
  • Excellent performance and low resource usage
  • Easy to extend

DFTween is a fast and easy to use animation library for use in the Unity game engine. It supports tweening of any object property, and can easily be made to work with your own custom data types when needed. The API is simple but very powerful, making it easy to create complex tweens and sequences. It has been optimized from the ground up for excellent performance while having low memory and CPU requirements.

  • Fast

    DFTween is incredibly fast, capable of simultaneously animating huge numbers of objects or values. See why it’s the fastest and most powerful tween library available for Unity.

  • Optimized

    DFTween does not allocate any per-frame memory, has very low resource usage, and is not processor-intensive even on low-powered mobile devices.

  • Expressive

    DFTween allows for highly expressive fluent syntax (method chaining), allowing you to create complex tweens and sequences with minimal code which is easy to read and maintain. You can also choose to use the more standard object-oriented coding style if that is better suited to your personal preferences.

  • Flexible

    The most flexible tween system available, DFTween can work with any data type or property. There are built-in tweens provided for all common Unity data types (such as Vector3, Vector2, Color, etc), and DFTween can be made to work with your custom data types by allowing you to define custom evaluation and property assignment callbacks.

  • Chainable

    Multi-step animations are easy to create – You can chain tweens together directly, or use groups and timelines to precisely control when tweens execute and in which order. Groups and timelines can contain other groups and timelines in addition to normal tweens, allowing you to create a tween hierarchy to suit any situation.